Faith by Rodney Howard Browne

The world offers us many philosophies from which to select.

We are told that we will be able to mix a not much of this with a little bit of that and make an acceptable belief system. In Colossians, Paul warns us about this dangerous angle. He is saying we are instead to build up our relationship with Christ so we will withstand the world’s deception. Imagine an empty lot with only a cement house foundation on it. That is precisely what our life looks like after deliverance. All of the shaky, humanly designed buildings are removed, and a new foundation Jesus Christ is laid.

For the follower working in the Spirit, each action, motive, and deed builds on the indestructible rock of God’s Son. When we construct a home, we select quality supplies like cedar shingles and brick rather than plastic or wood chips. In the same way, our Christian life must be built with good material service, prayer, sharing our faith, and obedience to God’s instructions. Wrong motives, insubordination, and sinful choices weaken the construction. Building a solid house of religion on the bedrock of Christ is a long process.

As we learn how to communicate with God as our Father, trust Him to worry for us, and meditate on Scripture, we add to our supply of construction apparatus. If we are sensible, we won’t stop working till our last day. A religion house which is erected with righteous actions and angles can’t be blown over by difficulty or penetrated by the wind of fake philosophy. The strength comes not from our effort but from the foundation on which we have built. We stand firm in Jesus Christ.