Jesus shows Mercy by Rodney Howard Browne

rodney howard browne

Pastor Rodney Howard Browne shows us that Jesus shows

mercy to sinners. Luke 19:2-9 tells the story of Jesus

meeting a sinner. As He walked along a road, He saw a

man named Zacchaeus sitting up in a tree. He said, “Come down,

Zacchaeus. Let’s go to your house.” You might feel stuck way up

in a tree right now, but I want you to know that Jesus will show

up and say, “Come on down; let’s go to your house.” And believe

me, when you experience Jesus’ unconditional love and compassion,

you will do what Zacchaeus did — drop everything and go

with Jesus!

Jesus will raise us from the dead. In Mark 5:22-24 and 35-

43, Jairus, one of the rulers of the synagogue, fell down in the

dusty road at Jesus’ feet and said, “My daughter is sick at home.”

Jesus went with Jairus to his home, but before they got there, they

heard that she had died. Jesus told Jairus to continue believing,

and because He walked into that house, the young girl was raised

from the dead. When Jesus shows up, Me brings new life!

Look at Luke 7:11-15. Jesus found a funeral procession

outside the city of Nain. He called the boy right up out of the coffin

and gave him back to his mother. When Jesus shows up, He’ll

raise the dead!

He came to the tomb where His dear friend Lazarus had

been dead for four days. Lazarus’ sisters were grieving. “Master,”

they said, “if You’d come earlier, this would not have happened.

He’s dead now and stinketh.” But what happened when Jesus

showed up? He said, “Roll away the stone.” And then He said,

“Lazarus, come forth!” And he did!

You might be right in the middle of a situation where you

have no hope, where things you’ve been believing and trusting

God for look dead. They look like they’re buried in the tomb,

stinking. But I want you to know that the same Jesus who walked

the shores of Galilee two thousand years ago comes to you and

says, “Roll away the stone and come forth!” Hallelujah! He

brings life!

It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are. When Jesus

comes on the scene, impossible situations can be turned around.

It doesn’t matter what the devil says. It doesn’t matter what other

people say. When Jesus walks in the door, everything changes.

When Jesus walks in the door, there’s no more argument. There’s

no more question, for He is the Answer How can there be a question

remaining when He is the Answer?

When Jesus walks in the door, there’s no more loss of

direction. How can there be a loss of direction when He is the

way? When He walks in the door, there are no more lies. How can

there be lies when He is the truth? When He walks in the door,

there’s no more death. How can there be death when He is the

life? (See John 14:6.)

What happens when you’ve been in your boat all night

fishing, but have caught nothing? You’ve fished and you’ve

fished — and you know how to fish because you’re a fisherman

by trade — but you’ve caught absolutely nothing. Then Jesus

shows up and gives you clear direction: “Cast your nets on the

other side.” (See John 21:1-6.)

You might be a minister of the Gospel and you’ve been

fishing for souls all your life. You’ve been fishing for years in

Podunk Hollow but you’ve caught no fish. Jesus comes to you

now and says, “Cast your nets on the other side.” Watch in wonder

as hundreds of fish jump into your net!

Doing the Work of a Donkey by Rodney Howard Browne

rodney howard browne

Pastor Rodney Howard Browne explains to us that

when the anointing is not there, you go one more

time around the mill. Your life becomes a grind and you

are doing the work of a donkey. It becomes repetitious.

There’s no excitement, no joy, no strength. “I’m going

round and round and round. I can’t see like I used to. I

don’t have freedom like I used to.”

to mock at you and they’re mocking at the Church

right now. They’re mocking at the house of God. They

mock at men and women of God.

Anoint Me One More Time

Now the Philistines were having a feast. The

world is having a feast right now. But at their time of

reveling, at their time of feasting, will come their time of

greatest defeat.

Guess what the Philistines did? They held a feast

and said, “Bring this bald, blind man here. Let’s mock


And in that moment of weakness, Samson

remembered what was once upon his life and he prayed a

prayer that would ultimately fulfill his ministry. But what

a terrible way to fulfill your ministry. As he bowed

himself there in that pagan temple, he pulled down its

pillars. The whole place came down. In his death, he

killed more than he did in his life.

Samson ultimately fulfilled his ministry. The

anointing came back to him. But what a terrible way to

find the ultimate fulfillment of God’s call on your life.

Let’s fulfill it with our eyes. Let’s keep our hair on. And

let’s not put ourselves in the place of compromise.

Your “Delilah” could be your friends. Maybe you

hang around with ungodly friends. Your “Delilah” could

be something else. For everyone it is different. You must

locate it and deal with it in your life before it kills you.

Never let the devil steal the anointing from you. Do

whatever it takes to keep the touch of God upon your life.