Great Awakening Tour City #38 Baltimore/Washington Metroplex | Pastor Dave H Testimony

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Today I had 138 total accept Jesus. Jumped on 2 buses, had 71 accept Jesus. First lady I spoke to,accepted Jesus. One eye had a growth on it. I prayed for healing. She said she could see normally. When I got off the first bus,I was walking back to rest of our group. Saw a man on crutches. He accepted Jesus. Then I prayed for healing of both legs. He said the pain was gone and he moved them around, tucked the crutches under his arm and walked off.

Pastor Dave H
N/A Oklahoma United States

Great Awakening Tour City #38 Baltimore/Washington Metroplex | Elsa G Testimony

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Streets -One of the team members was trying to lead someone to the Lord in spanish. I read the script in spanish. Another man came & I led him to the Lord also in spanish. I felt humbled-went to get something to eat & there was a spanish guy cleaning & he accepted Christ-Grocery store in Church. 35 people got saved

Roger M
Maryland United States

Global Fire Revival

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I came to church broken and afflicted with a crack cocaine addiction also taking 9 psychiatric medications. In March of 2008 I was placed on life support from the abuse of crack cocaine. I later discovered I was pregnant. Through the course of my pregnancy I was told to have an abortion because there was no fetus growing. The Lord spoke to me instructing me not to have an abortion. I obeyed and the Lord Blessed me with a beautiful baby boy as healthy as can be. I also have been delivered from addiction as I claim that daily in Jesus name. I serve a Wonderful God and the things that He has done for me just are amazing. I know that if He can do these things for me He can do all things. I currently am on no psychiatric medications! Praise God! All honor and praise belong to Him!

Jackie S
Fort Pierce Florida United States

Winter Campmeeting 2009 | Lisa N Testimony

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I gave a testimony on Monday night. I am the one from Ocala who felt the electricity for the first time during the campmeeting. I shared how your ministry and the GAT changed my life and how thankful I am and afterword you said may God use you even more. While I was there God was dealing with me about my fear and you kept saying what are you afraid of. I am know convincing myself to rejoice in fear knowing that fear is not from God but that it means that Satan is trying to stop something really good. Today I put the rubber to the road. I felt really strong to go out and witness today. I was watching one of the campmeeting CD’s and the song Great Awakening came on and my son came out of the bedroom asking to go, saying the annointing was all over him. I got impressed to go to a nearby park which we had been to before and was surprised because it really didn’t go so well. Earlier that morning I remember thinking how cool it will be when we start running into people we have spoken with before. Well, one of the first people was one that got saved about 3 months ago outside my church just walking down the sidewalk wondering how to get saved. I was with a friend who has since went ministering with me. Anyway, after that I came across another guy, Adam as he said, “the first man in the bible”. The conversation started really weird but I walked away with the scripture in my head Hebrews 12:2 entertaining angels without knowing it. He started talking with me about a guy who used to hold a sign and walk all over Ocala for Jesus but got hit by a car and died. He did not know this but we hold signs at a particular corner and proclaim 2 days a week. I shared that with him after he mentioned the other guy and then he told me that at that same corner 25 years ago the KKK used to stand at that same corner professing their beliefs. He said how evil was replaced with good and it may have taken a long time but we need to be patient. Anyway he told me to not stop doing what we were doing and then even asked for a hug and the hug he gave was unusually strong for just meeting someone but not uncomfortable. Well, I walked away not wanting to but knowing the conversation was over. I just remember him wearing a gray jumpsuit and white/gray wooly hair. So then we walk up to the Basketball courts. There are 17 young men there. One happens to be a neighbor. One of the boys, my son talked with and he said he wasn’t ready. I had went on a basketball court before but this was a lot more people. I was scared. I kept picturing the clip on the newest GAT clip you play where they are bowing thier heads on the court. My son starts praying over me for boldness. He tells me to just ask um what if Jesus came right now. I was thinking multiplication factor. I want God to be able to trust me with more. I was waiting for the open door and they all took a break. I walked on the court. I asked them to all come over to me and huddle up. I said it would only take a minute but it was very important. I asked them if Jesus were to come back before their game was over would they go to heaven or hell? Several said hell. I went to the part in the script sharing the gospel. “all have sinned ect…. As far as we know everone did the prayer. It was so beautiful to hear them in unison. Even the one who said he wasn’t ready did it. As we walked away I heard a few say, I am going to church tomorrow. God is so awesome!

Lisa N
Ocala Florida United States