Matters of the Heart | David Leszczak Testimony

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This class, “Matters of the Heart”, has been a class that I’ve long been waiting for. I think it is a class that, though it is not very comfortable to my flesh, is very necessary for me (and I’m sure many other people in the body of Christ). The biggest point of this week to me, was realizing that in some areas of my life I had become arrogant and prideful; becoming very religious, much like a modern day Pharisee. I was becoming very slow to show mercy towards people that didn’t have the same standards as I did. Though my position (my standards) were indeed correct my heart behind those actions, my heart towards those people made those actions irrelevant, because I was not walking in love. As Pastor Adonica shared, “We always judge other people by our actions, and we expect others to judge us by our intentions.” That was me, through and through. I expected other people to walk in love towards me, to be quick to forgive, to see that I was trying, and to see that I had repented for what I had done wrong in times past – yet I was unwilling to do the same for the people around me. As the week progressed, and Pastor Adonica spoke on allowing the Fire of God to come into us and to burn out the junk in our lives, I felt convicted by the Holy Ghost. Every time she would mention something close to my situation in regards to loving others, and our actions being correct but with an incorrect heart them being hay and stubble, I felt in my spirit that I needed to take action in this. Come Friday, the Holy Ghost had been pricking at my heart, and so I took action to conquer this area of my flesh. I went to the person I had held bitterness towards and asked them to forgive me and instantly, I felt so free! There are many other areas, in my life that have been touched by what Pastor Adonica shared. And in all of them, her example of just speaking to us in love allowed the Holy Spirit to do a work in my heart, much as I have learned this week to do the same to those around me. Thank you so much for this week!

Brazilian Great Awakening Tour City #27 Orlando FL | Danny T Testimony

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Jehovah witness got saved Power of God hit lady on bench Firemen got saved 3 drive by salvations Car wash 6 kids all held hands Guy on work reliese missed bus back to jail Familes got saved: Bus stop muslim family -saw transformation It was a learning experience, it was a welcome experience, it put an awereness in my heart for the lost. I came across a young woman who really needed to talk to a christian and I believe that it was God ordained at the right place and the right time.

Danny T
Georgia United States

Brazilian Great Awakening Tour City #27 Orlando FL | Christina F Testimony

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Couple at nursing home got saved and the man asked for prayer and he was crying. At busstop led to Lord and sat on bench-was crying for 10 min. “that is the power of Jesus” Lady visiting her son got saved -never heard the gospel about salvation Guy -I don’t know if I’d go to Heaven-Please can you pray for us. I have skin cancer and my wife is having open heart surgery.

Christina F
Florida United States