Rodney Howard Browne – Jeffrey J. Testimony

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This testimony is of God’s divine protection and everlasting grace. While working in a industrial factory, i was electrocuted with 3 phase/480 volts and walked away to live again. There was witnesses, the electrician and people who have been working with high voltage for years said it was miracle i was still alive, they could not understand it. Thank you Jesus for saving me and thank you to Pastor Rodney and the pastoral staff for keeping the River Family in prayer.

I was in a parking lot shared Jesus with a lady she received Christ i saw her later and she said pain in her stomach had gone .

I went to 2 hospitals and i got to pray with 289 peopleĀ  i preyed with 2 police officers both of them received Christ 1 of them started weeping there was a man in a wheelchair prayed for him and he said he feels electricity in his legs.