Ministers Conference 2010 – David R. Testimony

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This Ministers Conferences was great this was the first time I went all week before.  There were a lot of things I learned from this conference.  One of the things that got my attention from Pastor Rodney was when he was talking about taking care of your body.  How he used to go from city to city sleeping in between car rides.  Pastor Rodney when he was over weight he used to eat out and just eat a whole bunch with out restraint.  Pastor Rodney said that if you don’t take care of this vessel then you will hinder the work that God wants to do through you.

The apostle Maldanado from Miami was one of the ministers that grabbed my attention.  He was speaking on the anointing and the glory.  He said that in the anointing you work but in the glory you rest.  The anointing is the power of God and the glory is the presence of God.  The anointing is for earth not heaven because there is no sick or lack in heaven.

What the Lord has been showing me is to keep pressing in to his presence.  It’s been a challenging year for me but God has definitely brought me out of every circumstance and still is.  God has shown me great things this year and I can’t wait to what he’s going to do next year.  Next year is going to be a great year I learned so much at the conference that I would not be able to fit it in my paper.  I can’t wait until the next conference comes.