Rodney Howard Browne – Gerda D. Testimony

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One Wednesday services I was volunteering in phone center. In that evening four people get baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of spiking in tongues. All four were women. That was amazing! The first lady called and she had a great stack of needs for prayer. After I prayed about all her needs, asked – Have you ever received the baptism in the Holy Spirit? As she said, a few years ago she received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, but since that day she had never ever spoken in tongues. I began to read scripture from the Bible about baptism in the Holy Spirit, and before I had finished reading, she suddenly, as surprise to me and herself, began to speak in tongues loudly with great enthusiasm and power. I even did not prayed, I just read a passage! That was wonderful:>:>

The second woman called The Great Awakening with a bucket with needs – healing, finances, family, God’s fire ….. I prayed for these needs, and then I asked her about baptism in the Holy Spirit. She was a Christian, but never even had heard about the Holy Spirit baptism. Despite that fact she was willing to seek and receive. We prayed with her about five minutes and then suddenly her small voice became full with authority, and she began to speak in new tongues! She cried and rejoiced, she was verrrrrrrrrrrrrry happy. She had no needs anymore. There was just freedom and joy. She received a very precious gift. Baptism in the Holy Spirit is treasure and even more it is a gift! This is how Jesus operates in call center!!-Gerda D.