Rodney Howard Browne – Terrance S. Testimony

This deep work that God is doing on the inside, its to shake, break, and kill if need be things that are not needed, because in order for us to see a Great Awakening here in America and abroad there has to first come one on the inside of us individually. So I must say that God is awakening the church, not a building or some manmade denomination but the “Church” His ordained Body of believers in Jesus Christ. Awakening my vision, taking the scales off where I can see Him, like the scripture say we behold Him as in a glass (mirror) and are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord. (2 Corinthians 3:18) Notice it is “by the Spirit of the Lord,” that is what has been preached since day one of the Great Awakening, and that is why we need the Holy Spirit, to be transformed, I believe that God is calling me to yield even more to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, its as if God wants to reveal Himself to the lost and dying world;

He would definitely have to do that through me, sorry to be personal but this is my blog so I’ll speak about the work He is doing in this heart, which I believe is congregation wide, so He would have me yield to the Holy Spirit, in turn being transformed into the image of the Son, which is Love, that the world can see Him! I believe even though the momentum is just being built up God has already begin to work on the inside of every individuals heart who has decided to plug in, and press in, awakening us to His heart and that is seeing that no one perishes, the lost, backslidden and even weak knee believers be reconciled back to Himself.          -Terrance S.

Rodney Howard Browne – Teresa T. Testimony

The Great Awakening has not only changed my life but, others around me. I have had the pleasure to travel on the road, with Pastor Rodney and Adonica, I have seen the work and effort of what it takes to go in and take a city. But with the Great Awakening, being live every night, we get to see America shaken by the power of God! The thing I love the most about being live is that now we can reach more people. It’s all about people getting off their seats and going into the streets. This Awakening is not about one man, or one church but the body of Christ doing what the body has been called to do.

This a challenging to every person who calls themselves a Christian. It’s to live Mark 16:15 to go out and preach the gospel to every creature. I know that to some this a hard thing to do because, we have our idea of what we think makes a good Christian. We think that it’s just loving the Lord, doing good things and being good people. Yes, all those are things that we do, and are great, BUT God has called all of us to do so much more! We can’t just sit and do nothing, when God  has  given us everything we need – Jesus! Someone came to you and told you about God how can you not go tell someone else about Him.

The Gospel Soulwinning Script is the easiest and most effective tool, to bring people to a personal relationship with the only person who can save them. It takes all the pressure of you and puts it on the word. Where it should be because it has nothing to do with you. The only thing you have to do is open your mouth! And He will fill it. It’s just that simple. We don’t have to work for it, the bible says to love others, and the best way I know to do that is to tell people about Jesus. And that is what will do every night! Jesus Loves YOU-Teresa T.