Rodney Howard Browne – Ethan S. Testimony

God is so awesome!!! This week has been great! I love fourth quarter; I know it is going to be awesome!! I stayed in town over Spring Break, but was able to get some rest over the week which was nice! And on Saturday, Ignite went out to the beach all day. That was amazing! We all hung out together and then we all worshiped and took communion together right there on the beach! It was powerful! Some people saw us and came up and joined with us.

And then people got baptized right there in the beautiful ocean. It really was an amazing thing. Then some of us stayed after and played volleyball until the sun set. The sun sets are pretty insane. It looked like the sun was going into the ocean and the water turned this liquid blue silver color! I love this place! There are a lot of really awesome people here!

It’s nice to be in fourth quarter. Graduation and Banquet are coming up! In June, I am going on two back- to-back expeditions with Overland Missions over to Mozambique and Malawi! I thank God that Overland is friends with RMI so I could see what they’re all about. God really moved in my heart when they came! My heart is most definitely in missions! I’ve been thinking about home and my church a lot, and my pastors. I love them so much!

The classes this year are awesome and the Great Awakening has stretched into this quarter! The Great Awakening rocks! It’s so awesome to see people around the WHOLE WORLD catch on and we are seeing this whole world shaking! My life is really being changed! It’s amazing to have services every night and to be in a place where there is a pure stream of God flowing ALL THE TIME! God definitely brought me here! And it’s amazing to be a child of the Most High! -Ethan S

Rodney Howard Browne – Virginia H. Testimony

I just have to testify about the presence of God that is so strong in these meetings! I have never experienced anything so tangible in my whole life. As the song Holy Holy Holy is sung the atmosphere in the sanctuary transforms as if we were right at the throne of the Almighty God! His presence was so thick people could no longer stand. Falling to our knees, on our faces, just consumed in the awe of his sweet anointing! We began to sing in the spirit sounding like an army of Angels worshiping the Lord from our inner most being! One service lasted until early in the morning.

I just couldn’t leave. I was in a place where I never wanted to flee. It felt like eternity had arrived and I was in heaven. I can’t imagine how it is going to be when I am really there! I feel as though God is preparing us for heaven. After experiencing his Glory and his sweet love and his oh so tangible presence, I am motivate even more to tell people about Jesus Christ! I want everyone to experience what I have experienced in these meetings! I do not want one person to miss out on Heaven and I think it has had this effect on many others because there have been so many new faces in the soul winning classes each day!

The outreach department had to even make a whole new sin in sheet just for the visitors and each day there is a list of fresh on Fire ready to spread the Gospel faces prepared to demonstrate the power of God out on the streets! I do not even have words to describe how I feel to be in the midst of all this! -Virginia H.

Rodney Howard Browne – Jennifer W. Testimony

This week here in Tampa Florida is the Winter Camp Meeting 2011. And the fire of God has been so amazing. I have the privilege and joy of being in the Great Awakening Call Center every Monday night. Honestly I would go in every single night if I had the chance. I see so many things done just speaking to people over the phones. People are getting saved, healed delivered and set free! And in all of this I am beyond blessed, I get so mightily touched by the Holy Ghost and I am taking everything and pouring it out even outside of the church and call center.

I received a phone call from my sister on Wednesday night saying she couldn’t breathe and was having sinus issues. I asked my husband to pray with me over the phone for her, while we prayed she said she felt the sinus cavity open and all that was inside blocking drain out. She said a she could breathe clearly. We prayed for her the same way we pray for anyone who calls the phone lines. And the very same power of God touched her and healed her. It is so amazing to see the extraordinary work of the Lord Jesus Christ being done here.

People are being touched in their very own homes all over the nation. How amazing is that? I am so proud to be a part of a God fearing church with a Pastor that’s number one vision is to seek and save the lost. I can only pray to catch this same fire and take it with me to use one day in my own ministry.  –Jennifer W.