Rodney Howard Browne – Michaela S. Testimony

Since I’ve been here, the Lord has reminded me that I have been appointed for such a time as this and that I am a warrior, in the spiritual realm.  That very thought has also impacted my life in a great way.  It has taken a few weeks for me to get past my natural thinking and into the realm of my spirit man.  I believe that this place will help propel me into the next realm and dimension of the things that the Lord has for me.  In the past, I’ve tried to do things on my own and figure things out in my flesh, but it has gotten me nowhere!

I am now determined that nothing will stop me from following through with the Lord’s perfect plan for my life and I now know what it means to truly love the Lord with all that I am and all that I have. The fact that I have changed so much within the small time period of a few weeks excites me, because I know that the rest of this year, as a RBI student, is going to be indescribable! I have no idea what all the Lord is going to do, but I know that it is going to be better than I could ever imagine.  I am extremely thankful for Pastors Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne, I sincerely respect their obedience to the Lord and following His call with their whole hearts and nothing less!

Rodney Howard Browne – Maria G. Testimony

I am pleased to be a part of RBI and the River Church which you lead. I feel that it is no coincidence that I am here. I come from Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. I was very honest in my application to the Bible Institute, that I am not very fluent in English, for my first language is Spanish. But God told me to come here to your Bible School, Dr, Rodney. I was only born again 7 months ago, but the Lord has spoken to me and He is doing a quick work in me. I have been obedient. I have made a covenant with the King of Kings. This is a very trying time for me..

As you may know, the situation in Mexico has been critical. But God spoke to me that He’s taking care of them, and I believe Him. God spoke to me and confirmed with many ministers, that I was to go abroad to a Bible Institute, and here I am. I was at the house of my spiritual father  when he played a DVD of you, Pastor Rodney. Immediately my spirit knew that is where I was to go.  I’m the first believer in my family and I have been persecuted for this decision. God has done supernatural things on my behalf to bring me to this place. I have left everything to follow Him. I am an attorney and also have a degree in Communication as well as have a bakery.

I left what I had in the hands of women of God to use for the ministry (to battered women). I was given a word by a preacher in Mexico that I would have a scholarship to the Bible School He called me to, and I drove here by faith and was so blessed to be informed that I had a scholarship. I have been received so wonderfully. Your heart for the Hispanics blesses me so much! Last night, when I heard Pastor Daniel share with Hispanic Pastors, I was so excited that I’m going to be trained with this fire to preach the Gospel, heal the sick, cast out devils and set the captives free! I have so many testimonies…Thank you Dr. Rodney.

Rodney Howard Browne – Nick B. Testimony

I came to Tampa nearly four weeks ago from North Carolina. God has been doing awesome things through me and tome. Before I go into that I must give you a background concerning before coming to The River. In 2007 I was saved, set free, and delivered from drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  I was radically changed, and knew I would never be the same ever again. I had a passion for God, and loved the things of God. I got plugged in at the church that I got saved in. Pornography plagued me the whole time in my walk with God. I was always condemned and defeated. I would serve the Lord for two or three weeks, then I would run back into the world. I knew of God, but didn’t really know Him. Fast-forwarding four years

to January of this year. I started watching the Great Awakening, I was greatly blessed, started winning a few souls, but still struggling with pornography. RMI started offering scholarships to anyone feeling called to the ministry and I knew it was for me. So I moved down here with nothing planned in the natural, just a little money and a plane ticket. I took the city-bus to the river, and started walking down the drive. Overwhelmed with gladness I couldn’t believe I was actually here. Jesus started doing awesome things from the very start. I felt different every single service, I felt free. I knew Jesus was breaking things off of me, probably more than I know. I feel like I have grown ten years in the spirit. Words really can’t explain what has been going on in me. I’m giving more than ever before, soul-winning like never before. I’m learning to truly trust

God and over 100 people have been saved on the streets since I’ve been here. I have finally figured out why I’m alive. God is so good……Nick B.