Rodney Howard Browne – Julie C. Testimony

Well these past few weeks, since I have been here at RSW, have been bitter sweet. God has really been speaking to me and changing how I think. He has done quite a bit of pruning and it is not very pleasant during the process. However, I have felt His presence so strongly, like I haven’t in a while. My dad is a pastor so I have been taught right and raised under the anointing and the power and presence of God.

But before I came here I was at a place of familiarity and comfort. Well, at least I thought it was. But the whole time I was in that stage, I didn’t have peace. I was not living a holy lifestyle. I was in a relationship that wasn’t of God. I knew unless God got a hold of him that it wouldn’t last from the beginning. But of course that didn’t stop me from entering into it. So, I knew that when Virginia told me about the scholarship I had to come.

Otherwise I would probably stay in the rut I was in forever. Honestly, this has been a very difficult time for me, but I am trusting in God completely. I left not only my fiancé, but my well paying job and the life I had built in KY. But that is just it. It was the life I had built for myself, not the one that God has for me. So I am already learning to surrender it ALL to God.

I have to learn to trust Him with everything and stop trying to do everything myself. I feel free and clean and at peace with being here and being led into the destiny God has for me. It is painful right now, but I know God’s healing comes after His pruning. I can’t wait to see where God has taken me at the end of this year…..Julie C.