Rodney Howard Browne – James P. Testimony

Since I have started attending the River School of Worship, I have had the privilege of working in the Great Awakening Prayer and Care Center. I have taken many calls, varying from needs such as a person who needed encouragement and direction in their life, a man who needed his marriage healed, and a woman who needed healing in her physical body. A person who has truly stood out to me was a woman who called for her nephew. As soon as I answered her call and asked what she was calling for she started crying and said that her nephew was going to have heart surgery.

I took down her contact information and asked if her nephew had accepted Jesus Christ as his lord and savior and she said yes. I proceeded to ask if she was a christian and living fully sold out for God. After she said yes to both of these questions I quoted healing scriptures and had her write down some scripture references so that she could stand on God’s word and his promises every day. We then linked our faith as I led in a prayer reminding God of his promises for health in our physical bodies and then spoke to the heart disease in her nephew’s body, cursing it and telling it to leave his body.

I then prayed for peace in her life and encouraged her to call back with her praise report. Taking calls and having the privilege of encouraging, helping and praying with people who are calling in already hungry for God and expecting results based on the word of God is definitely something that is helping stir up a hunger for God in my lifeā€¦