Rachel Testimony

Without the Word of God, a Christian’s heart cannot be right. I have just recently pushed myself deeper into the Word, and not just by reading it more, but rather allowing it to “read me” so to speak. It is very easy to simply the read the Bible. The question is, is it really getting in you? It is similar to hearing something and listening to something. There is a difference. You can hear something without listening to it. I have made the decision to really study and listen to the Word of God more than usual lately and it has made a huge difference. Allowing the Word to take root in my heart has changed my attitude toward a lot of things. It has helped me immensely in my love walk towards people. I am learning to listen to people better, and to be humble. Not allowing the Word to take root in your heart is like dumping out water in the middle of the desert. If you allow the Word to take root, eventually the “desert” (your heart) will become an “oasis” so to speak. It will become a soft, moldable heart that God can work with and use. We must allow the Word of God to take deep root in our heart. If you do not allow it to get in to your heart, then there really is no reason in reading it in the first place because you will only be simply reading it, not receiving it.