Darrell Testimony

Well, this is the last day of my internship.  It has been a journey like no other that I have endeavored to take.  I can’t believe how fast it has gone by but at the same time there were times when it seemed like it would never end.  I can’t be thankful or grateful enough to Pastors Rodney and Adonica for doing what they do and being who they are, both publicly and privately.  They have not only been pastors to me from the pulpit but they have gone far above the call of duty in what they have done for me in my private life.  Words can never express my gratitude.  I also want to say how honored I have been to work so closely with Mr. Puder, our administrator, and Pastors Todd (our Dean) and his wife Pastor Katie.  All of you will never know how much you have meant to me and how much I cherish your wisdom and counsel. The other pastors on staff have also all poured so deeply into my life and I will always be thankful to you all.  I could have not made it this far without your constant words of encouragement and even correction when needed.  You have all been Godly examples to me of what real men and women of God are like and I love you all.  Your reward both here on this earth and in Heaven will be great for the work that you do.  Millions of lives will be touched because of you and you have trained hundreds of men and women who will wreck havoc in the kingdom of darkness and it is because of your real influence and Godly character.  Last night as I was going to bed I heard the Lord speak to my spirit and say that I had been through some tough times and some easy times and then asked me if I knew the difference.  I said no and he said something that will resound in my heart for eternity.  He said, “I used the tough times to build your character and I used the easy times to test it”.  Nothing more needs to be said!


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