Naomi H. Testimony

So this is my testimony of how coming to the River Bible School has helped me so far. A member who goes to the River Church presented the idea for me to go and so I thought to myself wow I never thought about doing that. I had alot going on and for the time put in on the back burner in my life. Well it kept coming to my mind about my going and was something I couldn’t get off my mind. Mean while I was attending the River church and kept being told by my friend that I needed to go to the school. The thought of coming scared me but excited me. I was scared to step out of my comfort zone and do things that I hadn’t done before yet. I was trying to trust God since I had changed churches but was struggling with not having my friends there. I was struggling with my relationship with God and had been for a while. I then decide that I wanted a full relationship with God and not a half hearted one. I was praying God if it’s meant for me to go to the River School then the door will be open for me to go and if not then the door will be closed. So I prayed and asked God how to go about everything. In the mist of my praying things started to change in my life and things started to move and doors started to be opened. One of the Pastors from the River was put on my heart to go and talk to and so I did. I was so encouraged after my meeting and had the best new out look on things and was forever grateful for this Pastor. This Pastor helped me in many ways. I said to this Pastor that I wanted to go to the school but hadn’t fully decided yet. This Pastor said well I wouldn’t discourage you I would certainly encourage you. That many people that go thru the school say it’s the best thing they could have done. So we prayed and this Pastor said go sit in service and was blessed and that I was. Still not fully sure if I was going to go to school or not all the while God already had it all planned out. Naomi H.

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