Nicole Testimony

Just recently I have had such a revelation of God’s love for me. It’s hard for me to comprehend the full nature of His love, but as I have been studying the Word of God and talking to God, I have truly felt His love like never before. It is amazing to me that first of all, God gave His one and only Son for me. He loves me so much, that He chose to send His son to die in my place. He sent Jesus to take on every sin that I would ever commit, nail it to the cross with him, and then die so that I wouldn’t have to live separate from God. And it is crazy for me to think that even though I do commit sins sometimes, God is quick to forgive me when I repent and ask for His forgiveness. The even greater part of that is that He still loves me the same!! He doesn’t love me any less because I made a mistake or I did something wrong. He loves me so unconditionally!!  I am his crowning beauty and the simple fact that it says in the Word of God that the very hairs on my head are numbered; it shocks me. To think that the God who created the heavens and the earth thinks of me and loves me with an unfailing love! No matter what I do, God loves me. Now, that doesn’t mean I am going to go live like hell and be all crazy; but because He loves me like that it makes me want to live righteously for Him! The revelation that I am continually feeling and experience of God’s love is honestly the biggest thing that I needed in my life right now, and the best thing is, it’s available to everyone!!!


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