Rodney Howard Browne – Ethan S. Testimony

God is so awesome!!! This week has been great! I love fourth quarter; I know it is going to be awesome!! I stayed in town over Spring Break, but was able to get some rest over the week which was nice! And on Saturday, Ignite went out to the beach all day. That was amazing! We all hung out together and then we all worshiped and took communion together right there on the beach! It was powerful! Some people saw us and came up and joined with us.

And then people got baptized right there in the beautiful ocean. It really was an amazing thing. Then some of us stayed after and played volleyball until the sun set. The sun sets are pretty insane. It looked like the sun was going into the ocean and the water turned this liquid blue silver color! I love this place! There are a lot of really awesome people here!

It’s nice to be in fourth quarter. Graduation and Banquet are coming up! In June, I am going on two back- to-back expeditions with Overland Missions over to Mozambique and Malawi! I thank God that Overland is friends with RMI so I could see what they’re all about. God really moved in my heart when they came! My heart is most definitely in missions! I’ve been thinking about home and my church a lot, and my pastors. I love them so much!

The classes this year are awesome and the Great Awakening has stretched into this quarter! The Great Awakening rocks! It’s so awesome to see people around the WHOLE WORLD catch on and we are seeing this whole world shaking! My life is really being changed! It’s amazing to have services every night and to be in a place where there is a pure stream of God flowing ALL THE TIME! God definitely brought me here! And it’s amazing to be a child of the Most High! -Ethan S

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