Rodney Howard Browne – Maria G. Testimony

I am pleased to be a part of RBI and the River Church which you lead. I feel that it is no coincidence that I am here. I come from Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. I was very honest in my application to the Bible Institute, that I am not very fluent in English, for my first language is Spanish. But God told me to come here to your Bible School, Dr, Rodney. I was only born again 7 months ago, but the Lord has spoken to me and He is doing a quick work in me. I have been obedient. I have made a covenant with the King of Kings. This is a very trying time for me..

As you may know, the situation in Mexico has been critical. But God spoke to me that He’s taking care of them, and I believe Him. God spoke to me and confirmed with many ministers, that I was to go abroad to a Bible Institute, and here I am. I was at the house of my spiritual father  when he played a DVD of you, Pastor Rodney. Immediately my spirit knew that is where I was to go.  I’m the first believer in my family and I have been persecuted for this decision. God has done supernatural things on my behalf to bring me to this place. I have left everything to follow Him. I am an attorney and also have a degree in Communication as well as have a bakery.

I left what I had in the hands of women of God to use for the ministry (to battered women). I was given a word by a preacher in Mexico that I would have a scholarship to the Bible School He called me to, and I drove here by faith and was so blessed to be informed that I had a scholarship. I have been received so wonderfully. Your heart for the Hispanics blesses me so much! Last night, when I heard Pastor Daniel share with Hispanic Pastors, I was so excited that I’m going to be trained with this fire to preach the Gospel, heal the sick, cast out devils and set the captives free! I have so many testimonies…Thank you Dr. Rodney.

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