Rodney Howard Browne – Marjorie W. Testimony

Where to begin…… I have been touched by the Holy Ghost many many times and love the Lord so very much, but had never actually felt the burning heat of the fire of God. I want it ALL to where I am beside myself.   Therefore, I am determined to press in. So I told the Lord I want more, I need more, give me ALL you have for me. My goal is to poured out so He can fill me, burning in me to flow out of me to touch and transform others! Then, as I have taken care of areas  that God has spoken about and continue to open my heart, I have started to receive the actual fire.

As Pastor ran around the church  and passed by  where I was sitting on Sunday morning, the fire started to fall on me and has been increasing.  Glory to God! In January at the winter camp meeting, God had spoken to me to give my husbands wedding ring.  I gave it to my daughter, Danae.  She came over to me the other morning and told me she was giving his ring to the Lord.  That broke me, as I realized I had given it to her to keep it.  He then dealt with me to give my wedding rings.  Why? So I’m not holding onto the past.

It’s freedom!  What happened in the past is that, you remember but not hold it or let it hold you. I have always been concerned by the finances, even though God has always supplied for us.  Have been being released from the concern and the battle in my mind. All that I have, even all of my needs are given to Him…..

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