Rodney Howard Browne – Noble Testimony

This past year, has gone by way too fast for me, I can’t believe that it was a year ago that I started this journey. It’s been an awesome and an extremely tough year for me. I have learned that no matter what (and I know we hear people say this all the time), but no matter what; trust the Lord in your situation. I have learned that my private time with the Lord is needed more than anything, and to find time for it no matter what is going on. That time is so important that I cannot stress it enough or put into words how much it is needed. I learned a lot in my department and I also learned a lot more of where I am called.  Even though it seems impossible, I can see a TV station a lot like what pastor was talking about, where the world will want to watch it and many will come to accept God through it. I just do not know where, when, or how I’ll fit into this picture; I just know to trust in the Lord and do what I can, where I can for the time being. I have been through a lot since last year, and I can gladly say I have decreased a lot since last year. I’ll end with one very important thing I have come to understand; my RBI days may be over but this is only the beginning.


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